The device designed to maintain an unobstructed Oropharyngeal airway during or following General Anaesthesia & in other unconscious patients.

  • Initially named after Arthur Guedel from U.S.A.

  • Made up of Non Toxic, Medical Grade Polymer.

  • Integral hard Bite block avoids airway occlusion and biting of tongue.

  • Rounded atraumatic edges.

  • Stepless airway path for easy cleaning.

  • Bite blocks are color coded for easy visualization of sizes.

Used to maintain or open a patient’s airway by preventing the tongue from covering the epiglottis.

Variants Ref. Size Color Variants Ref. Size Color
GudeWay-000 A 2301 000 Pink GudeWay-2 A 2305 2 Green
GudeWay-00 A 2302 00 Dark Blue GudeWay-3 A 2306 3 Yellow
GudeWay-0 A 2303 0 Black GudeWay-4 A 2307 4 Red
GudeWay-1 A 2304 1 White GudeWay-5 A 2308 5 Light Blue