Project Description


The tube used to reach stomach through patient’s Oral or Nasal cavity

  • Made up of Soft, Frosted & Kink resistant, Non Toxic and Medical Grade PVC.

  • Color-coded, Funnel shaped proximal end is for easy visualization of size.

  • Distal end is coned with Radio Opaque material for easy intubations.

  • Four lateral eyes provide efficient aspiration & administration.

  • The tube is marked at 50/60/70 cm from the tip for accurate placement.

  • Super smooth tube with Low friction surface for atraumatic intubations.

  • Length-105 cm

Variants Ref. Size Color Variants Ref. Size Color
RyleX-8 F 2101 FG 8 Blue RyleX-16 F 2105 FG 16 Orange
RyleX-10 F 2102 FG 10 Black RyleX-18 F 2106 FG 18 Red
RyleX-12 F 2103 FG 12 White RyleX-20 F 2107 FG 20 Yellow
RyleX-14 F 2103 FG 14 Green RyleX-22 F 2108 FG 22 Voilet