Project Description


Bronchial catheter used to extract mucus or saliva from the upper airway.

  • Soft & Kink resistant PVC tubing with maximum patient comfort.

  • Atraumatic, Soft & rounded open tip with two lateral eyes.

  • Colour coded for instant size visualization.

  • Tube length is 50cm

Used for removal of secretion from Mouth,Trachea & Bronchial region.

Variants Ref. Size Color Variants Ref. Size Color
SucKath-6 D 2001 FG 6 Gray SucKath-14 D 2005 FG 14 Green
SucKath-8 D 2002 FG 8 Blue SucKath-16 D 2006 FG 16 Orange
SucKath-10 D 2003 FG 10 Black SucKath-18 D 2007 FG 18 Red
SucKath-12 D 2004 FG 12 White SucKath-20 D 2008 FG 20 Yellow