A device to deliver Oxygen through convenient Twin prong/nasal tips designed to ensure equal volume of Oxygen through both the air passages.

  • Made up of Soft, Non-Toxic PVC thus Non-Irritating even in long term use.

  • Leaves the patient’s mouth free for nutrition & communication.

  • Ensures eqaul volume of Oxygen to both air passages.

  • Soft funnel shape connector facilitates easy connection to the Oxygen source.

  • Multi-channel tube ensures the supply of Oxygen even if the tube kinks.

  • Tube lenght-200 cm

For patients who are non critical with minor breathing problems and for patients who cannot or will not wear an Oxygen mask.

Variants Ref.
OXIO-NC-Adult A 2101
OXIO-NC-Paediatric A 2102
OXIO-NC-Infant A 2103