The Device offering corrugated tube pathway for flexibility connecting patient lung to mechanical ventilator for Oxygenation.

  • Made up of Medical Grade PVC, 100% Latex free.

  • 1.6 meters corrugated tube ensures uninterrupted Oxygenation to the patient.

  • 22 mm corrugated tube of 60 cm with single and double water trap.

  • 22 mm female/male circuit adopter.

Used to provide required amount of breathing gas and ensures adequate Oxygenation.

Variants Ref. Variants Ref.
VENTIS-Basic A 2401 VENTIS-DWT A 2405
VENTIS-Paed A 2402 VENTIS-Paed A 2406
VENTIS-SWT A 2403 VENTIS-Expandable A 2407
VENTIS-Paed A 2404 VENTIS-Kit A 2408