Facilitate the removal of thick pharyngeal secretions without damaging surrounding tissues.

  • A rigid hollow tube made of disposable plastic with a curve at th distal end to

  • Specially designed Flexible, Kink resistant tube provides an unobstructed suction during prolonged use.

  • Soft flexible adopters at both ends of the tube provide safe grip to the handle as well as suction source.

  • Standard funnel connector at distal end of tubing to connect to Yankauer Handle.

  • Moulded Yankauer Suction handle attached with 210 cm tube.

  • Yankauer handle has open end with 4 lateral eyes.

Used to clean away excess fluids, smoke, or debris from the surgical site.

Variants Ref.
Yanko-Crown Tip F 2001
Yanko-Plain Tip F 2002